Marketing and promoting your music is hard. We help you do it better.


Drive more attention to your music with targeted promotions and marketing.


Hustle more (with less hassle).

Spend less time administrating and more time doing. We help you market/promote your music smarter and drive more attention to your releases so you can focus more of your time creating and connecting with fans.
  Enhance Your Brand

Gain attention for your music with a consistent, refined, and managed brand.

 Engage Fans

Make your fans want more by engaging them with data-driven marketing tools.

Grow Your Revenue

Extend your music into the revenue-generating channels where your fans discover and buy.

Breathe Easy

Get the support you need whenever you need it, available all day, everyday.

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  Social Media

Managing your online presence is a full-time job. We save you time by doing it for you. Whether you are trying to increase followers, maximize your campaigns, or interact with your fans, we help you get the most out of your social media efforts.

  Metadata Management

No more missing or inaccurate information. Get the support you need to update and manage your metadata with ease. We help you create then manage your metadata, and ensure its consistency across digital platforms.

  YouTube Monetization

Get the most from your music videos. Our expert team of producers and content creators will work with you to monetize and grow your channel’s audience while promoting your brand.

 PR & Submissions

Media coverage can amplify a story and add credibility to a campaign. Increase media pickup and generate earned media by leveraging our distribution network of media outlets including bloggers and journalists.

Brand & Identity

Your brand can be your greatest asset to engage your fans. We help you understand, refine, and promote your brand. From logo design to one sheets and UX web design, we help you stand out and get noticed.

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